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We acknowledge our duties and responsibilities to make sure that learners are protected from harm and that they should be given the opportunity to gain the maximum benefit possible from high quality education and training opportunities. You can learn more about safeguarding on our website.

Wellbeing Support

At Coleg Gwent, your safety and welfare are really important to us. So we’ll make sure you’re safe in college and on work placements, protect you from abuse, neglect, bullying and harassment, and we’ll provide support with personal difficulties. Find out more about our confidential counselling and chaplaincy services we have in place to support you on our website.

Personal Tutors

As a full time student you will have your very own personal tutor who will meet with you to review your academic progress, provide support, offer guidance and encouragement to ensure that you successfully complete all aspects of your course. In addition to looking after your general welfare and becoming someone you can trust and rely on, they will also prepare you for you next steps at college, university or employment.


Skills Development

At Coleg Gwent, all full time learners benefit from an enrichment programme to support the development of employability skills which forms part of your course. For more information about the new Skills Challenge Certificate from WJEC, visit: the website.


Support for Additional Learning Needs

We’re here to help everyone learn and be the best they can be. If you have a learning difficulty and/or a disability, we can provide lots of support. This could include:

  • - In-class or out-of-class support from an Additional Support Assistant
  • - Extra sessions for help with assignments and coursework
  • - Help from a Communication Support Worker (for deaf students)
  • - Quieter spaces
  • - Use of accessibility software including initial training
  • - Exam access arrangements

If you need this sort of support, simply talk to your Personal Tutor or contact the Additional Learning Co-ordinator (ALSCo) on each campus.



Whether you want to find out more about the faiths of the world, get help with meditation or prayer or need support in times of crisis or spiritual need, our Spirituality team is there for you.

Welsh Language Support

The Welsh language and culture of Wales is very important to us as a college. We’re always working to provide a wider service to our Welsh speaking learners; from studying some modules from selected full time courses bilingually, to welsh enrichment activities. We can accommodate your needs.

The Seren Network

The Seren Network provides students who achieved A*s at GCSE with an excellent foundation to apply to competitive and selective Russell Group universities (a group of universities with a shared focus on research and a reputation for academic achievement). Activities provided aim to build confidence and resilience, as well as broadening subject knowledge, helping you develop the qualities that Russell Group universities value and look for in their applicants.


Togetherall is an online community for mental health support, with 24/7 access to trained professionals. Offering clinical expertise, peer support and a safe online environment, it aims to improve mental wellbeing in an inclusive and non-judgmental way. Members can support each other anonymously, and also includes self-assessments, self-guided courses and creative tools to help you manage mental health conditions, take control, feel better and maintain positive mental wellbeing while you’re at college. We want to make sure all of our students fulfil their potential.

Questions & Answers

How do I apply for EMA?

What evidence do I need for EMA?

You can provide a range of different evidence to show your household income, including bank statements. the full list of evidence that is accepted can be found within the EMA application itself and on the website.

Does Coleg Gwent support students with nystagmus or any other eye disability?

We support learners with a range of different disabilities, if you disclose this on your application, we will assess your needs and put in place the best support for you.

Can you help with dyslexia, please?

If you disclose your dyslexia on your application, you will then be put into contact with our ALSCO.

I’m not sure which course to do. What if I want to change courses?

Coleg Gwent offer a services called Dont Drop Swap, where you can speak to your Inspire2Achieve team who will help you switch courses.

Do I have to do maths if I don’t get my C grade?

You will get the opportunity to resit the your GCSE maths to get the C grade whilst doing your qualification.

How will the college help with possible future learning from home?

The college is making every effort to provide learners with laptops to study at home. many lessons are delivered online as part of your programme.

Are there things in place to help people with mental health problems?

We have counsellors based at every campus to help with mental health problems, alongside our new service togetherall.

Does the college do languages, e.g. French

We do offer languages at certain campuses. Take a look at the course search function on our website.

Where can I find out what subjects are offered at Coleg Gwent? Also any advice on subjects to take if I want to work in human rights?

You can find out all the courses on offer at I would suggest you look at History, Politics and Law if you are interested in human rights.

Will there be an option to visit the college in the near future?

At the moment, due to the COVID restrictions site visits are only for current staff and learners. This is always subject to review from Welsh Government.

What support is in place for students whose first language isn't English?

There is a range of support available to you. The personal coaches and learning centre support officers can provide you with one to one literacy support outside of your lessons to help you with assignments.

If I apply for a course, does that mean I can definitely get on that course?

It would depend on if you meet the entry requirements. if you do not, dont worry there are many other options available to you. Just speak to our admissions team or contact

Will a counsellor at the college contact my parents?

The information you disclose will be 100% confidential, unless they think you are at risk of immediate harm, where they will contact the head of learner services.

Can I join college if I didn't go to school?

Of course, we can look at different options for you. Just get in touch.

Does your school record affect your applications for specific courses. When you apply do Coleg Gwent see you whole record from school?

Not at all. College is a fresh start for learners and everyone is given a fresh start. We do share transition information from schools, but that is linked to how we best support you.

Do you need a Welsh GCSE to get into this college?

Absolutely not. As long as you meet the entry requirements you can enrol on any course.

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