Sport, Travel & Public Services

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Sport & Leisure

Whether you’re interested in coaching, management, exercise, science or therapy, we have courses that’ll prepare you for these exciting professions. Your future could be working in a health club, being an outdoor activities instructor or working in the leisure industry.

61% of Tourism Businesses report customer handling skills are the most in demand when they look for recruits

Public Services

Perhaps you’ve got a passion to be a paramedic, a marine or a fire fighter? Our public services courses will help you make the grade and those who pursue a career within one of these uniformed or non-uniformed services will be fulfilling a vital role in society.

Did you know air traffic controllers earn on average of £80,000 per year!

Travel & Tourism

The whole world is out there, waiting for you. Just some of the careers in Travel & Tourism are; cabin crew, tourism promotion, events management, or a travel agent, but the list goes on.

Coleg Gwent Dragons Rugby Academy

Crosskeys campus is home to the Coleg Gwent Dragons Rugby Academy where players gain qualifications alongside their 10 hours a week of coaching.

What can I study, and where?

Download the fact sheet and find out where you can study each of our different Sport, Travel & Public Services courses.


I didn’t really know what I wanted to do before. I came along to the open day and talked through the course and what it included. People don’t realise there’s more to this course; you can go into things such as event management or marketing. My biggest achievement is getting an offer from university!”

Sophie Davies
Level 3 Travel and Tourism
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Questions & Answers

My son studies BTEC level 2 sports in school would he go straight onto a BTEC level 3 at Coleg Gwent?

There is a variety of different routes for your son within Coleg Gwent. If he passes all areas of the course he will have a chance to progress to the level 3.

I'm interested in the sport courses and also performing arts. I'm passionate in sport but also dance. Is there any way of studying both courses?

The BTEC courses we offer are full time. If you email me I would be happy to cover the course in more detail for you.

I'm hoping to get into the RAF after college, if I do this course, can it help me see a bigger picture of what I am joining as well as help me when I am joining?

The course will provide an insight into all public services and provide insight to the RAF as well as visits to the RAF.

Do you have a netball academy at Coleg Gwent?

Yes, there is a netball academy at Coleg Gwent.

What jobs can you get after studying travel and tourism

There are many career paths you can choose following your T&T course, this can include – holiday rep, cabin crew, tour operator, tourism officer, hotel management and many more. If you would like more information please get in touch.

For public services are the only academies, rugby, football and netball?

Currently yes, however there are other sports who play in leagues and national championships.

So am I right in thinking if I pass BTEC level 2 sport in school I can go straight into level 3 BTEC sports?

It would depend on your GCSE Maths and English as well.

Can I do the public services course with a diagnosis of ASD?

The courses are available to all students, it would depend upon grades to which course you would enrol upon.

I am looking at doing a BTEC sports and coaching and Development (Extended Diploma) level 3 - is this course only at Usk or is it also at Crosskeys?

This course is delivered at Usk, Blaenau Gwent Learning Zone and Crosskeys.

What qualifications would I require at GCSE level to get onto the course?

Level 3: 5 GCSE’s C or above
Level 2: 4 GCSE’s D or above

What sites do the sports courses?

The sport courses run over Usk, Blaenau Gwent Learning Zone and Crosskeys

The football and rugby academy’s are they at both Usk and Crosskeys?

Its cross campus for from the three sites, Usk, Blaenau Gwent Learning Zone and Crosskeys.

Is football for girls popular here?

Yes we have a female football team at Coleg Gwent.

Is there anything to do with track running or running in general with public services?

Nothing specifically, but fitness is an important factor within the public services especially the armed services.

I am looking at doing a BTEC sports and coaching and Development (Extended Diploma) level 3 - is this course only at Usk or is it also at Crosskeys?

This course is delivered at Usk, Blaenau Gwent Learning Zone and Crosskeys

Are all the lessons for travel and tourism in the classroom?

We have a good mix of classroom based lessons, some virtual lessons and we incorporate (when we can) a range of educational visits.

How can I reserve a place on the course, for next year Sept 2021 BTEC Sports Coaching and Development (extended Diploma) level 3?

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