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More than 30,000 people are employed in law and order

Science (including Bio Science and Forensic Science)

If you have a love for science and an interest in how the world works, why not specialise in one area? Options include biotechnology, marine technology, forensics, physiotherapy and dentistry.

Humanities and Social Science

If you wish to work in law, social work or for the public services then studying humanities will help you achieve a career in this field. Jobs include care workers, the police force, councillors and solicitors.

Nursing and Healthcare

Are you a caring person invested in people’s wellbeing? Then nursing is for you. There’s always jobs in healthcare as there are more vacancies than skilled workers to fill them. Jobs include physiotherapists, midwives, psychologists plus lots more.

More than 20,000 access to he students apply for degree courses each year

What Next?

Access to HE courses are included in the UCAS tariff and are widely accepted by UK universities but you should check with the specific university you want to go to. You could stay local and do a university course at Coleg Gwent.

What can I study, and where?

Download the fact sheet and find out where you can study each of our different Pathway to Degree courses.


I needed a qualification in order to move further with physiotherapy. Although working as a Physio Assistant, my frustration was not being able to progress in my current role but coming to Coleg Gwent has enabled me to break that barrier. I found my teachers to be enthusiastic and motivated to get their students into university and to get the best they can out the course.

Rosalind Spooner
Access to Medical and Health Science
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Questions & Answers

What is the general structure for hours/days in college for the health access course?

Hours depend on the campus. Generally it is 3 or 4 days, 9am-4pm.

What is the difference between the two nursing access courses?

The units that you are taught – chemistry and health in particular.

Do you have any law courses?

Apply for Access Humanities.

What dates are the intakes for access to nursing part time, do you offer january and september start dates?

Only September start but there is a fast track at Blaenau Gwent Learning Zone.

Do you get a personal tutor if you choose to study part time?

Yes for the whole 2 years. A personal tutor will help you with your UCAS application.

Apart from the cost of the course itself (part time), are there any additional costs or equipment required for access to healthcare?

The part-time is £1350, all other costs are not charged apart from books and trips.

Do you usually get opportunities to improve your work before a final grade is given? For example being given the chance to go from merit to distinction on a piece or work?

There is no grade polishing in Access. You may resubmit only if you have not passed. You will have extensive feedback on how to improve for your next assignment.

Can you support in finding some work experience to aid our university applications?


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