Independent Living Skills

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All those things you need to know about living by yourself, but the classroom seems to miss out on? It’s all here!

Learn Essential Skills

Good work ethic, communication skills and time management are the top three soft skills most valued by employers

Many of our ILS students go into mainstream education including catering and art

What you’ll do…

Students cover a mixture of vocational and creative skills, as well as continuing to improve literacy, numeracy and other essential skills.
There are no formal entry requirements, a place is offered based on an interview and an assessment of individual needs.

Manage your own money, cook your own food, plan your own career and increase your self-esteem, confidence and skills to live an independent life in your community.

What Next?

All courses are one year in length and students can progress either within ILS or apply to mainstream courses at the College.

What can I study, and where?

Download the fact sheet and find out where you can study each of our different Independent Living Skills courses.


The course is really good as you get to do different things and learn new skills. There’s a bit of studying and practical work; I’d recommend cooking and woodwork. The teachers are helpful and the class is small but nice. I’m hoping to find a job after finishing this course

Elliot Gane
Independent Living Skills
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