English for Speakers of Other Languages

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Academic Reading and Writing

This course will be help you to improve your reading and writing skills for academic purposes.

Academic Speaking and Listening

Here, you’ll learn to apply your speaking and listening skills to be able to deliver presentations and communicate within various academic contexts.

Learn General English at any level

You can study Pre-entry to Level 1 courses, which are available as either full time or part time programmes. Full time covers Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The Part time routes focus on one of these English skills.

IELTS Preparation

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. This examination is recognised by governments, universities and employers around the world as a measure of your formal skills and language ability in reading, writing, speaking and

First Certificate in English (FCE)

An FCE qualification can be used to demonstrate that you have the English skills needed to live and work independently in an English-speaking country, or study at university through English in a non-English-speaking country.

Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

A CAE qualification can demonstrate to potential employers and educational institutions that you have an advanced level of English.


If you’d like to enrol on one of our courses, you must first visit the Reach+ Hub in Central Library, Newport. The Hub is the central point for anyone wishing to access ESOL. The team will assess each person and refer them to the right course and support. Appointments can be made through phoning the Hub on 01633 414917 or by dropping into the library. This is part of the ReStart:Refugee Integration Project.

I chose this course to improve my English as I was studying a Masters degree in Business and Technology in Spain. The topics studied in the classroom have helped with everyday life as well as my degree. The tutors are very understanding. When I arrived, I could only speak a little bit of English and was too nervous to ask questions. Now I can confidently hold a conversation.

Diana Maria Tabora Rivera
Level 1 ESOL
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