Agriculture & Animal Care

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Animal Care & Management

This course will give you the skills to hone your passion and open the doors to your dream career working with large and small animals.

Countryside Management

Potential career options include working for the Woodland Trust, the Forestry Commission, small enterprise management or as a land-based contractor.


From yard management, competitive riding, animal rescue or equine stud work, this is your chance to grab the reins and bag a career working with horses.

As a Farm Manager you could earn up to £50,000 per year!


Whether you want to work in farm & land management, livestock production operations, small enterprise management or farm contracting, an agriculture course provides the perfect platform.

Total Jobs in this industry in Wales 7,071 and 126,457 in the UK

What can I study, and where?

Download the fact sheet and find out where you can study each of our different Agriculture & Animal Care courses.


What are the career possibilities?

Download our career maps to see what career routes you can take for Agriculture & Animal Care courses.


Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to work with animals... Ultimately I would like to work as a veterinary nurse in a zoo. I knew that I’d feel at home here straight away and I did. The practicals are my favourite part, we clean the enclosures and feed and handle the animals. There’s lots of opportunities on offer studying at Coleg Gwent.

Kacey Jones
Level 1 Animal Care
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Questions & Answers

Is there a Level 1 horse care?

Yes we have Level 1, 2 and 3 and you can progress to Higher Education too.

What's the difference between level 1 and level 2 in animal care?

Good question, the differences between both of these courses are the entry requirements and the level of qualification you will achieve. You can check out the specific course entry requirements on our website. Both courses make full use of the facilities and are heavily practical!

What can you go on to do with Level 1 & 2 animal or horse care?

In Animal Care, lots of people aim to progress on to the level 3 course and from there go on to university. Another popular option is Veterinary Nursing which we offer too.

When do we apply because I don't leave school until next may?

You can apply now as you can secure a place ready for September.

For the equine course, can you bring and ride your own horse or do you ride the horses at the campus?

There are several options to bring your horse to college. We offer working livery and DIY livery options. Please email for further information.

Regarding animal care, is it only in the Usk campus?

Yes animal care is only at Usk.

How many courses can we take in Coleg Gwent, e.g. Can I take animal care and public services?

Your full time course will be over 3.5 to 4 days so studying both will be difficult. If you are interested in both then apply now and we can discuss this further with you to ensure your future aspirations are covered.

Do you run dog grooming courses and dog walking?

Yes, we are delivering a short course at the moment as part time and will be developing this to more advanced courses. Please check our website for our part time courses at the Usk Campus.

I am interested in something to do with animals. However, I'm unsure what exactly I want to do.

Studying animal care would give you a wide range of experience and covers lots of different areas. Many people find an area which interests them while they are studying with us which helps them to find a career or future path.

I am really interested in horses but my riding needs to improve. Do I have to ride?

Not to worry, all learners undertake a riding assessment prior to starting the course, however this is not essential. You are able to undertake the course without riding.

What is included in your equine care course?

The equine courses cover all areas of horse care. There is lots of practical work on the yard and riding as well as theory covering all things to do with horse husbandry.

Are you able to take both Level 2 Horse Care and Level 2 Animal Care?

Your full time course will be over 3.5 to 4 days so studying both will be difficult. If you are interested in both then apply now and we can discuss this further with you to ensure your future aspirations are covered. We also have riding development classes in the evening.

After the animal care course is finished what jobs are available?

Previous learners have gone into lots of different jobs. Some of the most popular ones include working in kennels and catteries, training for veterinary nursing and dog grooming. We have even had learners working in zoos and wildlife parks.

Can you do additional courses alongside the equine course?

Yes we have a range of short courses so please check out our website for the part time courses. There are courses such as dog grooming, cat and dog first aid, animal handling, riding and chainsaw to name just a few.

Can you take 2 A levels at the same time as the equine care course?

We will need to ensure the timetables do not clash so please apply and we can discuss this with you.

I love small animals but love lambs too can I do both?

The animal care courses cover small animals and also farm livestock, so yes you can!

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