Accountancy, Business & Law

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Business provides a platform for Marketing, HR, Finance, management, trading, insurance, and banking.


A varied, vast and thoroughly interesting area of study, you could end up working in a law firm, local government, legal department or courts.

The Typical Average Wage in this industry is £31,361


Not only can you train in business, practice or banking, but once qualified, chartered accountants are found working in high level jobs all over the world.

A Fully Qualified Accountant Could Earn Around £70,000 Per Year!

Financial & Professional services have the largest number of jobs in Wales, a Country which has a strong reputation in this field.

What can I study, and where?

Download the fact sheet and find out where you can study each of our different Accountancy, Business & Law courses


What are the career possibilities?

Download our career maps to see what career routes you can take for Accountancy, Business & Law courses.


I joined this course at Level 1, realising how much I enjoyed it I decided to progress further. Everyone is friendly, the whole group gets on well and the teachers are excellent. I would like to go to the University of South Wales and study business with finance. Since joining the college I have applied myself and improved my skills and study ethic.

Robert Davies
Level 2 Business Studies
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Questions & Answers

What are the different levels, when we join what level should we apply for?

The level may be determined by your GCSE grades/predictions and prior achievement. Our website will contain the entry requirements for each course.

What GCSEs do you have to have?

There are no entry requirements for level 1 but you will need 4 GCSE grade D for level 2 and 5 GCSE grade C for level 3. More detail on entry requirements can be found on the course pages on our website.

What are the extra costs for the AAT courses?

You would need to become a member of AAT in order to sit exams and assessments. The membership fee is £148.

Can the law course be applied in other areas if I decide not to work in law, would it still be useful?

Legal knowledge is useful in a variety of sectors including local government, utility companies and business enterprises.

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