A Levels

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32 A Level subjects to choose from

If you prefer academic learning, let A Levels be your route to success! Study your favourite GCSE subjects in more depth or learn something new.

100% pass rate in 45 A Level subjects across Coleg Gwent

Pathway to Success

The Bleanau Gwent Learning Zone is the south east Wales’ hub for the Seren Network, which supports Wales’ brightest sixth form students.

96.2% A Level pass rate in 2021/22

What Next?

A-levels open the door to many options. Over 80% of our students in 2019/20 went on to higher level study at university or at Coleg Gwent.

Pass rates consistently above the national average.

What can I study, and where?

Download the fact sheet and find out where you can study each of our different A Level courses


I went to an open event, met the teachers, looked around the campus and decided to apply. I was nervous at first… the support was phenomenal. It’s easy to be put off as it’s a big jump but, as long as you choose a subject because you enjoy it, then you’ll do well

Cian Jones
A Levels
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Questions & Answers

I want to become a vet nurse for my future career would you be able to help me figure it it on what to choose at a levels?

Yes, A levels Science are required for this.

I'm in year 11 right now, when do i have to apply?

You can apply any time – the sooner the better as places fill up fast!

Are there any A levels specifically for architecture?

Usually you would expect to take A level Maths, Graphics and one other science.

Do you have to do three subjects and Welsh Bacc or can you do four and Welsh Bacc?

Yes – depending on your profile you can do 3 or 4 As and the Welsh Bacc.

How many A levels can you take at most?

You may take up to 4 AS subjects along with the WBQ -this will depend on your GCSE profile as studying 4 subjects can be challenging.

What’s the difference between A Levels and BTEC?

The method of assessment is the main difference as A levels are externally assessed whereas BTEC is assignment based assessments.

Can you take two science courses eg physics and chemistry?

Yes, along with Welsh Bacc.

Will you let us know the grades needed for particular A Levels and if you need to study a particular A Level with another A Level, eg if I chose physics will I have to do maths?

Yes, if you apply for the subjects you think you should study you can then request to discuss this futher once your application offer has been sent out. You’re able to change your application at any stage.

Is Welsh Bacc compulsory?


When is the closing date for applications?

Please apply as soon as you can to ensure you have a place. However you may apply as late as next August but it’s best to be early to guarantee your place and chosen subjects.

Does Torfaen Learning Zone do A level science, English and maths?


Do I need a CV for my application?

No, this is not required.

Do you have to be an A/A* student to take 4 A levels?

A strong profile is required, so yes, A*A/B profile is preferable.

How many hours a week would you spend in lessons for each subject?

Approximately 4 hours per subject.

Does the city of Newport campus offer A levels?

No, but Torfaen, Crosskeys and Blaenau Gwent Learning Zone all offer a huge choice of A levels.

What happens during the application process?

You will apply and then be offered a place conditional on your GCSE qualifications. You will also be asked which subjects you are interested in and don’t worry, you can change your mind – just let us know!

Can you retake A levels like with GCSEs?

GCSE English and Maths at grade C minimum are required at entry and we do not offer a GCSE resit programme alongside A levels.

How many students on average are in a single class?

Between 12-14.

When do you get time to speak to your form teacher?

During tutorial – at least once a week.

Will we be advised to go to a particular campus? like the one we live nearest?

You will make the choice, but the nearest campus may be best for you to ensure your travelling expenses are covered. You can contact our friendly student recruitment team if you need more information on 01495 333777 or hello@coleggwent.ac.uk.

Do we have to apply for each A level subject individually?

No, you just make one application and select the multiple A levels you wish to take.

How will A levels be assessed regarding coronavirus?

We will follow the Welsh Government directive on sitting external assessments, as is the case with all A level centres in Wales.

Are our options limited by the timetables?

Not at all.

What is the percentage of students achieving A*?

We achieve above benchmark s in Wales for learners achieving A & *A grades.

Can you take human biology or is the option normal Biology and PE?

Unfortunately, there is no human biology option.

To take further maths do you have to take the normal/basic maths A level?

Yes – maths A level alongside A level Further Maths is required.

If we don't do our GCSE exams this year, will it affect us when applying for A levels?

No, your progression will be supported in whatever form that takes.

What subjects can we choose?

You can choose any subjects which you are interested in and believe you will do well academically in.

What support is in place for someone who usually studies through the Welsh medium?

Welsh support is available from welsh speaking staff on each campus.

How often will I be in college?

Usually 5 days a week.

Do timetables depend on what subjects you take or is there a set school day?

Yes, timetables depend on the choice of subjects.

I don’t know what grades I’m going to get so how can we apply?

If you have predicted grades, apply based one these. If you are still unsure of your predicted grades, apply based on what you’re hoping to achieve so you can ensure you have a place. Once your results come through, if they aren’t what you were expecting – we can discuss this with you then.

If the class exceeds 12-14 people, will there be another class or will we have to choose another subject?

No you will not choose another subject-this is an average class size not maximum capacity.

Can I only go to Uni by taking A levels ?

No you can go to Uni after completing a BTEC too.

Is the A level business course work or an exam?

An exam.

Is there a computer science A level or a cyber security A level?

Yes, computer science is available.

Is criminology an A level?

It is a level 3 diploma which can be studied alongside A levels.

How do you add more than 1 A level to the application form please?

Just select one of the A level options in the drop down box on the application form and then click next, once you go on to the next page you will have the option to click additional A level subjects. A levels are listed as WJEC AS/A2.

What if I haven’t got the right GCSE’s to take the subjects I want to take ?

Please apply first and then our admissions team can advise you.

Who can I speak to and where can I look for information on specific A levels, particularly topics I'm interested in but have never covered in school before?

You can find course details on our website.

How much time would you spend in college if you took 4 A-Levels?

5 days a week and 20 hours delivery including tutorial and welsh bacc.

Is there anyone we can talk to if we have no idea what to do?

Yes, your school careers advisor.

I am going to do A Levels and my predicted are good how can I ensure I can get a place at Coleg Gwent?

Apply online and you will be given a conditional offer.

What level of support is provided for UCAS applications including personal statements, UCAS etc - is individual attention provided that is able to focus on specific courses being applied for?

Your personal tutor will be there to support you throughout this process.

Are there any compulsory subjects?

Only Welsh Bacc.

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