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There are many ways you can get help with the cost of studying, with lots of different grants available depending on your circumstances.


Finance and Transport information for Full Time Studying

There are many ways you can get help with the cost of studying, with lots of different grants available depending on your circumstances.

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

If you’re 16 to 18 years old, living in Wales and want to continue your education after school, this could give you £30 a week, paid every two weeks if you complete a Learning Agreement with Coleg Gwent and maintain a 100% attendance record.

Coleg Gwent Bus Pass Scheme

Getting to college could cost less than you think! With the Coleg Gwent Bus Pass Scheme, you may be able to get discounted bus travel to and from college, with children’s travel rates during the evenings, weekends and holidays (excluding summer holidays).

Apply to your local authority (LA) for bus pass support, if you’re approved, you’ll need to pay your first termly fee at enrolment.

There is much more available support to view on our website, or for help or advice, contact Student Services via

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Questions & Answers

Is grant funding based on household income or the pupils?

Yes it is based on household income. Details can be found on our finance section at

Can anyone receive support for bus pass cost or is this only people from families with low incomes/on benefits?

Everyone doing a full time course is eligible for a bus pass. Bus pass daily travel cost (in addition to £10 per term admin fee for 16-18 year olds/ £40 per term for 19+ years of age)
Caerphilly (16-18 years) free
Newport, Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent (16-18 years old) £1 per journey.
Monmouth and over 19 years old £1.50 per journey.
These costs will be reduced if you are eligible for EMA/ WGLG/ FCF.

If you live in one are and plan on going to a college in a different area, do you need to apply to both areas for bus passes etc?

Apply to the local authority where you live.

When should we apply for the bus pass?

Apply for your My Travel Pass as soon as you are 16 to avoid any delays! Apply for your local authority bus pass in the Summer.

Is there any financial help for part time courses that are under 12 hours a week? For mature students. My course will cost £1350

Unfortunately no grants are available for part time learners I am sorry.

Do you do a train pass, similarly to the bus pass?

The college passes are only valid on the buses unfortunately.

What are the childcare allowances?

The FCF can help towards childcare costs if eligible. To receive support towards childcare costs you must complete a separate childcare FCF application form and have an annual household income of £20,000 or less. The FCF will pay up to 90% of your childcare cost for one child, and up to £45 per day.


Higher Education Finance

There is a range of financial support available for full time and part time higher education as well as Disabled Students Allowance (DSAs). What support you’re eligible for depends on your course, where you’re studying, your household income and where you live.

You could be eligible to more than you think!

For full details on the financial support available, take a look at our website.

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly team via email

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